Sunday, June 26, 2011


 I had to share the above shot of my daughter and her keen fashion sense.  She put the whole outfit together, I can't take credit for any of it.  Not one bit.

I also wanted to share the pic below.  It was from the same night (hence the wings).  

Families are hard, sometimes I think mine might be the hardest.  Ever.  Really.

Amid the hardship(S) there are moments of utter joy. 

 Watching my Dad play with my little girl was one of those moments.  


  1. Ever true. But I heard a line recently: "No one ever promised life would be easy- just that it was worth it."

  2. I love the bottom photos SO much! :) You captured a super sweet moment. Thanks so much for linking up with the simple things. Rebecca

  3. I love it!! The first photo is a fun snapshot of her personality - how adorable! The second is so sweet. I love that you can see her wings.

  4. My girls have similar style to your daughter. My youngest would wear her rainboots everywhere if I let her.

    I love the picture of your dad and your flying fairy. Precious.


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