Sunday, February 27, 2011

Papa Bear...

I need to take a minute to share what's always on my mind at this time of year.  February comes and it's not flowers and hearts I first think of, it's my Grandpa.  Our Papa Bear.  What can I say about this man who taught us so much?  Certainly nothing that fully grasps the profound impact he had.  Words don't come when I try to explain just how much we loved him then and now.  

I simply know no words.


Five years after his passing and I still cry myself to sleep some nights over how much I miss him. 

 In quiet moments, I can almost smell his skin and when I think hard enough, I remember the way his hugs felt.  

know I will see him again but selfishly, I want him now.  

The only thing I can think to say, and I hope that I said it at our final goodbye:

Thank You.

In loving memory.  
born February 29th, 1920 returned February 22nd, 2006

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boy's Room Phase 1

 I'm calling this phase one, because the room isn't near complete just yet.  We need window treatments, a bed skirt, a rug, a comforter...basically all the secondary items.  We have furniture and painted walls so far - but I'm SO grateful to have that little bit done!

This room was originally lavender - not what our lil' man had asked for.  During our house search, his requests were simple- a green house, a green room, and an indoor pool "downstairs."  I'm sorry to say that we failed on all three counts- he didn't even get a pool outside let alone in the house.  So I made him a promise that we would paint his room green...that was last November.  I admit I dragged my feet during the holidays.  Come January is was ready, the only problem was that I could NOT find the right color.  Does anyone else make up imaginary colors in your head that aren't offered at the paint store?  I sure do.  I literally had 10 samples on the wall.  I finally decided and here are the results.  
 What, you don't paint in your undies?

Sometimes it looks neon, sometimes avocado, sometimes celery... 

 Can I take a moment to pat myself on the back?  I did the stripes all by myself.  Look at how nice and clean the lines are! They aren't perfect- I measured from where I started to where I finished.  They end up about 1/8 of an inch higher than where I began- but I think that's a total success.  Especially because I measure like this, "12 and a tiny line passed half" or "5 tinie lines before 3/4."  Yeah, math skilllllzzzz.

I wanted to bring down the ceiling a bit, and I think I achieved that with the placement of my stripes.  We can afford to do that because we have nine foot ceilings throughout the house (my husband is 6'8, we need tall ceilings).  I also like that the pale green tones the brighter green down significantly. 

I'm so happy with the room and am excited to finish it up.  More importantly, promised fulfilled.

 The bright green is called, "Gleeful."  Great name for a kids' room, right?

This is so far the only art I've put up.  These are greeting cards I purchased a while back for this very purpose.  I simply mounted them on white card stock and painted the frames.  If you look closely at the shots above, you'll notice the frames aren't all the same and they don't line up perfectly.  I purchased the frames from GW because I am cheap and they work just fine for now.
The e.e. cummings one if my favorite.

It's funny the things you think about while doing something mindless, like painting.  I was thinking all about how so many silly cliche sayings are true and apply when painting a room.  For example:

"A stitch in time saves nine" I took as: "Do the prep work- tape, caulk, patch, etc."

"It's Greek to me" translates to: "Me no do math."

"Back to square one" translates to "10 samples and nothing I'm in love with"

"As high as a kite" translates to "paint fumes"

"Beating around the bush" translates to "(me thinking) please don't ask about your room, please don't ask about your room..."

"Close but no cigar" translates to my measuring prowess.

"Bite off more than you can chew"  self explanatory.

"He who has gas travels at the back of the pack."  Also self explanatory...(10 points if you know what movie that's from).

All kidding aside, I love that our boy has a room he can feel at home in.  And, I love my awesome taping job.

I should mention that the dresser is from my Mom and the headboard belonged to my Grandparents. I love that our boy is surrounded by love and family though we are so far apart.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Caught A Pixie...

You can find the tutorial for this here.

I can't wait to do the Halloween Pixies as shown in the tutorial! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apple Crate

 Hand painted this lil' guy the other day.  I like it.  I chose "Fred's Apples" because I call my husband Fred and it seemed fitting.  No, his name's not Fred but that's OK.  Our family and friends will understand.  My favorite part are the branches, they're along the sides too.

This is what my daughter uses it for.  It'd only been on the floor for a minute before she climbed in.

Got the crate from Michaels for $10.  All the paints were leftover from my sign projects.  The stain had to be purchased but I will certainly be using it again.  Maybe to make another of these babies (the crate, not the kid.  Obviously I can't make a child out of a crate- silly).

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have the unsettling feeling that my boy has grown much more in the past two nights than is regularly allotted.  He's so much older today and it breaks my heart.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm An Admirer...

I confess here and now, I am a copycat.  It's true.  I wish this noggin of mine came up with ideas like the rest of you.  Unfortunately, I'm not always savvy enough to look at a spool of ribbon or an egg carton and think, "ha ha! Project!"  Luckily for me, there are other Crafty-Macgyvers out there that inspire me to see the world a different way.  One of these incredible muses is Miss Mustard Seed.  Oy.  She is a-MAZ-balls, and that's not a term I use for just anyone.  She's not just a decorator, she gives genuine advice too, some that I've very much needed.  Really it was this lady who inspired me to sally forth and start this blog.  She's influenced almost all of my previous posts in some way shape or form.  I find myself at Goodwill thinking, "would Miss Mustard Seed like this?" or "what would MMS do with this?"  I've gleaned a lot of confidence from reading her blog.  So much so that I am entering this humble sign into her Copy Me Challenge.

Here are the inspiration signs:

(source unfortunately, I couldn't find the direct source to this sign, but snoop around, you'll find it)

Here are my own hand painted pretties:

*Please note that these aren't shot well, I was pressed for time- had to get my entry in before it was too late!

This one reads, "library, reading is a must!"  It will go in our guest bathroom.  Cheeky, right? (pun intended)

What I like about these signs is that I painted one side with the flowers and the other side is the bibliotheque.  This way I can simply turn it over and achieve a fresh new look.

Alright, I have a long way to go to get to MMS' level.  But, I hope I'm on my way.  I really am more grateful that she lends me the gumption to do write what I love, no matter if anyone is listening.  There are so many amazing entries to her challenge already.  For me, I'm just excited that she might actually be looking at my blog!!!  Brush with celebrity!!!

Thank you, Miss Mustard Seed!

Copy Me Challenge

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life With My 4 Year Old

For those who may not know (which is just 3 of you right now (thanks for taking a chance with my blog new friends!)), I have a four-year old son. He's an amazing kid and for the first two years of his life, I was almost certain that I had mommyhood completely under control. I got so many compliments about how well behaved he was that yes, I admit, my head was beginning to balloon. Then, the unthinkable happened- he turned 3. My sweet boy was no more. Sure, he had his moments, but by and large, it was a nightmare of a year. Most days, I was just happy to make it to bed time with everyone still living. If there was such a thing as preschool boarding school, I would have shipped him off.
He's four now and I'm happy to report that he's nearly back to his two-year-old delightfulness. Nearly.  Some days he has split personalities and sometimes those days turn into a week.  And that has been my life these last two weeks.  I was considering boarding school again.

Then, last night, we fell asleep holding hands.  

And I think I can carry on for at least another year or so.

And just so it doesn't seem that I'm playing favorites, I also have a nineteen-month little girl.  She is currently learning to be a diva.  O yes, she already knows how to throw a good ol' fashioned tantrum. Luckily, they don't happen all too often.  She does like to play dress up.  Check out this recent ensemble:

(we're ditching the binky soon, I swear)

Also, she steals my shoes.

I love them too much.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have You Had This Talk Several Times?

Husband, "Did you want to do anything for Valentine's Day this year?"

Wife, "Nah...I'll just take the gift and call it good."

Husband, "Oh, uhhh...what do you want?"

Wife, "I've told you several times what I want."

Husband, "Just tell me once more, so I can tell you if you're right."

Wife, (smirk smile)...sigh...

Folks, let me tell you a little something I've learned from all the cliche relationship books I've read- Men need everything spelled out for them.  I am happy to oblige.  But what's a wife to do when she spells and re-spells, spells and re-spells and re - you get the idea?  Well, I'm spelling it again- it's the only solution I can find.

Here's what's on my wishlist:

Consider this my life long wishlist- I do not want nor expect all these for one holiday.  Kapeesh?

First up:

Some kind of personalized necklace.

I love this version, just needs a couple initials added.



There are literally thousands of options out there allowing for a little creativity.

I'd also be happy with this little number from a previous post:

Actually, I'd take any of Lisa Leonard's designs...

Gorgeous, right?


A love letter.  Oh how I am a sucker for a good love letter.

One that tells you all the tiny things you do that you didn't know you did.

Something Cusack would say.

Another item on the list:

Let me explain, because I don't think I've ever asked for such an expensive gift (my camera doesn't count since I am starting a business right?).  I want another wedding band for each child we welcome, so yeah, that means I actually (someday) want two of these.  Why?  The nurse that assisted my OB-GYN told me this lovely story of a husband that did this for his wife.  His wife was to give the ring up once the child got married.  

If they had a boy then the ring would go to his bride.
If they had a girl, the ring would go to their daughter.

Isn't that sweet?  What a beautiful family tradition.

Please say you noticed that while it is expensive it is also simple, understated 
and one of the least expensive options.  You noticed, right?

Am I a beast?


The quickest way to my heart is through our children.  Watching my husband get down and play with our brood is the BEST way to make me feel loved.  Makes me smile just thinking about it.

And, making your partner feel loved is the real point of Valentine's Day, right?  
It's not about the gifts, flowers, chocolates or naughty lingerie ;)
(OK, maybe the boys just want lingerie)

It's simply a day to show you someone you know them.

What's on your list?

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