Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm An Admirer...

I confess here and now, I am a copycat.  It's true.  I wish this noggin of mine came up with ideas like the rest of you.  Unfortunately, I'm not always savvy enough to look at a spool of ribbon or an egg carton and think, "ha ha! Project!"  Luckily for me, there are other Crafty-Macgyvers out there that inspire me to see the world a different way.  One of these incredible muses is Miss Mustard Seed.  Oy.  She is a-MAZ-balls, and that's not a term I use for just anyone.  She's not just a decorator, she gives genuine advice too, some that I've very much needed.  Really it was this lady who inspired me to sally forth and start this blog.  She's influenced almost all of my previous posts in some way shape or form.  I find myself at Goodwill thinking, "would Miss Mustard Seed like this?" or "what would MMS do with this?"  I've gleaned a lot of confidence from reading her blog.  So much so that I am entering this humble sign into her Copy Me Challenge.

Here are the inspiration signs:

(source unfortunately, I couldn't find the direct source to this sign, but snoop around, you'll find it)

Here are my own hand painted pretties:

*Please note that these aren't shot well, I was pressed for time- had to get my entry in before it was too late!

This one reads, "library, reading is a must!"  It will go in our guest bathroom.  Cheeky, right? (pun intended)

What I like about these signs is that I painted one side with the flowers and the other side is the bibliotheque.  This way I can simply turn it over and achieve a fresh new look.

Alright, I have a long way to go to get to MMS' level.  But, I hope I'm on my way.  I really am more grateful that she lends me the gumption to do write what I love, no matter if anyone is listening.  There are so many amazing entries to her challenge already.  For me, I'm just excited that she might actually be looking at my blog!!!  Brush with celebrity!!!

Thank you, Miss Mustard Seed!

Copy Me Challenge


  1. I love your sign! it's wonderful! I think we are all "copy cat's" I think these decor blogs are way better than buying decor magazines, besides...we might copy the idea but the outcome is uniquely ours, is it not? I love the idea of two sides to your sign! I think I will go copy you!lol! great idea!

  2. Your library sign is so cool! I like the wording and your hanging room of choice :).


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