Sunday, February 27, 2011

Papa Bear...

I need to take a minute to share what's always on my mind at this time of year.  February comes and it's not flowers and hearts I first think of, it's my Grandpa.  Our Papa Bear.  What can I say about this man who taught us so much?  Certainly nothing that fully grasps the profound impact he had.  Words don't come when I try to explain just how much we loved him then and now.  

I simply know no words.


Five years after his passing and I still cry myself to sleep some nights over how much I miss him. 

 In quiet moments, I can almost smell his skin and when I think hard enough, I remember the way his hugs felt.  

know I will see him again but selfishly, I want him now.  

The only thing I can think to say, and I hope that I said it at our final goodbye:

Thank You.

In loving memory.  
born February 29th, 1920 returned February 22nd, 2006

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