Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have You Had This Talk Several Times?

Husband, "Did you want to do anything for Valentine's Day this year?"

Wife, "Nah...I'll just take the gift and call it good."

Husband, "Oh, uhhh...what do you want?"

Wife, "I've told you several times what I want."

Husband, "Just tell me once more, so I can tell you if you're right."

Wife, (smirk smile)...sigh...

Folks, let me tell you a little something I've learned from all the cliche relationship books I've read- Men need everything spelled out for them.  I am happy to oblige.  But what's a wife to do when she spells and re-spells, spells and re-spells and re - you get the idea?  Well, I'm spelling it again- it's the only solution I can find.

Here's what's on my wishlist:

Consider this my life long wishlist- I do not want nor expect all these for one holiday.  Kapeesh?

First up:

Some kind of personalized necklace.

I love this version, just needs a couple initials added.



There are literally thousands of options out there allowing for a little creativity.

I'd also be happy with this little number from a previous post:

Actually, I'd take any of Lisa Leonard's designs...

Gorgeous, right?


A love letter.  Oh how I am a sucker for a good love letter.

One that tells you all the tiny things you do that you didn't know you did.

Something Cusack would say.

Another item on the list:

Let me explain, because I don't think I've ever asked for such an expensive gift (my camera doesn't count since I am starting a business right?).  I want another wedding band for each child we welcome, so yeah, that means I actually (someday) want two of these.  Why?  The nurse that assisted my OB-GYN told me this lovely story of a husband that did this for his wife.  His wife was to give the ring up once the child got married.  

If they had a boy then the ring would go to his bride.
If they had a girl, the ring would go to their daughter.

Isn't that sweet?  What a beautiful family tradition.

Please say you noticed that while it is expensive it is also simple, understated 
and one of the least expensive options.  You noticed, right?

Am I a beast?


The quickest way to my heart is through our children.  Watching my husband get down and play with our brood is the BEST way to make me feel loved.  Makes me smile just thinking about it.

And, making your partner feel loved is the real point of Valentine's Day, right?  
It's not about the gifts, flowers, chocolates or naughty lingerie ;)
(OK, maybe the boys just want lingerie)

It's simply a day to show you someone you know them.

What's on your list?

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