Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Sick of Seeing This Yet?

 I added a few more touches to this wall.  I've seen so many of these sewn messages that I wanted to try it for myself.  They'd look better if I weren't incredibly impatient and had ironed the fabric first!  Oh well.

I think I will do a black version and leave it year round.

Take a look at that dresser!  

 My mom gave me this piece.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Rather, it will be gorgeous after it's restored.
The photo below shows all the wear.
 But look at those handles...
 And decals...
And... she needs so much work... (no bottom, no back, the doors don't properly close, etc.)
I won't be tackling this project till this summer.  Any ideas what I should do with her?

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