Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally Getting Our Groove On

Man, I am so relieved to be settling into our home!  We are very happy here in Southern Cali and I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised by that- never thought of myself as a "California Girl."  Guess there is a small part of me that wants to wear daisy dukes with bikinis on top (rrrrright). I've managed to get a few projects finished and wanted to share so far:
First, I wanted to get organized after the Christmas influx so I bought basic fabric bins from Target.  I did wait happen to catch a sale for a dollar off each bin- hurray!  These are simple and self explanatory just cut out felt and adhere together. Voila!  In case you can't figure out my pictures, there's a box for baby stuff, food/kitchen toys, puzzles and cars.  

My son made the little apple :0)

This is a collage I made for our guest room.  Another easy one:  Paint paper, shred in paper shredder and weave together.  Now that this one is completed, I'm pretty sure that I am going to change the bedroom color scheme so I've decided to do another weaving on the reverse.  That way when I want to switch back all I have to do is flip the weaving over.  Smart, right?

Here's a pretty little number I found at the local thrift store.  She's going to have the mirror (shown below) above her and I'm debating on a color.  You can't see in the photo but the veneer just makes this piece look cheap so I AM going to paint.  I'm debating a few options- french grey, black or grey blue.  Ideas?  The wall color is staying put as painting the room would be a massive undertaking.

This is a banner I made to celebrate the all-important BCS National Championship.  My husband is a big Auburn University fan and we've invited friends to watch the upcoming game with us.  Because I hate love football, I decided I must make the most of it and decorate hence the blue and orange ornaments and banner. "If you can't get out of watching then decorate," I always say (or just made up)
 I made the two topiaries as well.  Got the containers at GW for $.99 each- SCORE!
The two candlesticks were also projects of mine, I painted and distressed them and replaced the missing crystals.

 It says, " Go Auburn."  rah rah rah.

 Last, I have a question- We have an eat-in kitchen with a bay window and I don't know how to dress the windows.  What do you think? I put the wreaths up (I might have an obsession with wreaths) to try and make it pretty but I'd love to soften the whole area with draperies.  Valance, no valance, only valance, only worry about the door, dummie panels on the outside of each window...I'm lost and need help!
 Phew, I'm exhausted just looking at this.  Now I have to get more done to post about!  I'll be back after my Anniversary vacation to an undisclosed (to me) location.  So nice to still love vacationing with your husband!  (and nice to have friends willing to watch your kids- yikes)

I shared this on The Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday.  (this is my first time linking/sharing so I hope I've done it all properly.  If not, please let me know!)

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  1. Wow you are so clever and handy! I love it, your home looks gorgeous! I am not usually into valances (how do you clean those effectively?!) but am sure if you posted one up there it would look fab!

  2. I really like what you did here.
    Lindsey @

  3. Lovely stuff!! As for the buffet, I love the idea of a french gray...maybe the insets in white?


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