Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gallery Fred Style

I know this is a mom thing, but I totally love my kids' artwork.  It makes me happy to see what they come up with and how they interpret what they see.  So I've put together a little gallery.  

Tell me what you think:

 And yes, I need to put another frame in the center- it's on the list for my next IKEA run.

 Done by my son, 4 yrs.
Done by my daughter, 19 mo.

Excuse the box.  It's too heavy for me to take to the office and I'm not much of a nagger.  I certainly wouldn't mention it to the public that this has been sitting here for weeks and weeks and weeks.  


  1. I went over to my little sister's yesterday and she had the most beautiful framed mosaics in her living room...I asked her where she got them and she said the kids made them at school! I just love the kid's artwork too! and I love your idea for hanging them!

  2. I LOVE this idea!!! So cute!! And so much better then just on the fridge! =)

  3. your gallery is adorable. i'm the same way, i love to have my kids work up and in full adds to the warmth of the home. i considered doing something like the clothesline, but just wasn't happy completely with the thought, so i made my own clothes-pin boards....i haven't done a post about it yet b/c i want to do a complete post of all my re-deorating when it is all done (which, honestly, might not be for a sad, so very sad!)
    i also have yet to frame any of it....but i was thinking of doing just that not long ago and putting it up around the top of my kitchen (above the cupboards where there is a wall space --- don't know if you remember) don't know if that will really happen or not either, but its a nice thought. :)

    check this one out --- you'll like it :)

  5. I do remember and I think that'd be a great place to put some art- it's the perfect blank area to add some great framed pieces.
    Thanks for sharing the blog. I did like it! I loved the burlap in the frames- super smart! Plus the vinyl is a great touch.


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