Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perfect Rainy Weather Soup

So here we are in 'sunny' California...minus the sunny.  It's been raining all day and it's chilly outside.  The only redeeming thing about this weather (OK, maybe not the only thing now I'm thinking about jumping in puddles & watching for rainbows...) is now I won't get the 'crazy-lady' stares for making soup in 90o weather.  Anyone else ever get this look?  I love soup and I make it all year but now it fits and therefore, I don't have to explain myself.
Apparently, I am not the only one to love soup as evidenced by this post by Centsational Girl.  Kate at CG is all-around a-MAZ-ing.  Maybe it's in the name?  Probably not, as I have yet to find my inner do-it-all-diva.  Anyways, when I saw that she had a fool-proof Chicken Tortilla Soup, I had to give it a try.  I love this soup and the results were fantastic. 

Here's the photo from her blog.  Beautiful and light.


I added a can of canellini beans to make it heartier.  One caution, do NOT over do it on spicing the chicken or you will be left with an overwhelmingly chili-esque taste.  Definitely make the chip garnish or use crushed, stale chips- it adds a lot.


- Kate

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally, A Breakthrough

Did you notice the new name?

It's taken me weeks to figure out just what I wanted to do with this blog.  It's silly though, because what I've finally decided is really what nearly every person does already- share what you know!  Why did it take me so long to decide that all I wanted was to share what I am passionate about?  Honestly, I've been scared. Putting myself on public display means that I am open to criticism and just open in general.  What if no one likes what I have to share?  Will people only look at how poorly I write?  What if no one reads this?  Does that mean I am a failure?  I think this is the question I've been wrestling with most.  Not to get terribly deep but I sometimes feel judged that I opted to be a mom and not a career woman.  I feel I took what's become 'the road less traveled.'   I worry no one wants to hear from lil' ol' me.  Just to cover my bum, I am in no way saying anything negative about career women.  I do feel the world takes their opinions more seriously than a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).  Finally, I've decided I have to put the fears on the back-burner.  I need an outlet and just maybe there's someone that can relate or be inspired.

My posts will include (but won't be limited too):

  • Home decor
  • Photography
  • Families
  • World events
  • Bowel movements (that's not a joke.  it's a mom thing.)
  • Mommy life
  • Books
  • Beauty
  • TV
  • Bad days
  • Good days
  • Mediocre days
  • Anything else that stirs up emotion in any form
I hope you'll read along and bare with me.

As and update, I've just decided to dive head first back into the world of professional photography.  I want to start slow so please check out the blog from time to time for updates: http://tempestprofessionalphotography.blogspot.com

Lastly, I wanted to add a photo of our new home which we have yet to move into.  It's funny that I feel such a drive to get creative and work on my new blogs but I don't have a home to work on or in.  Typical.  Anyways, here is our future home:

* Please note that I took this on my phone and does not reflect my personal photography ;0)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Used My I-Phone



There isn't much here for photos, but I was able to sneak a few. Here's the results of weeks of work. Yes, it took weeks. I was alone with two kids and this was TWO dressers! Cut me some slack! I really don't want to sell these, but I am!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Technical Difficulties and Changes...

I have an assortment of photos that need to be posted here. Unfortunately, our computer will NOT read our camera card and so I can't post anything until that's fixed.

Lately, I've been thinking about this blog and about life in general. I've decided a couple of things:
1- I am going to change the name & focus of my blog somewhat. The original intent was show work that I would be selling. I think I will occasionally still do this, but I realized that our home is a little (and by 'a little,' I mean a lot) lacking in the furniture department and it would make more sense to keep what I create until the house is fully furnished. So the blog will now be about our home becoming more 'homey.' I will try to put up everything- paint choices, furniture re-dos, flooring changes, gardening work- whatever happens to our home, I want to put it here.

2- We are moving to California in less than one week. It goes without saying that this project/outlet of mine will be put on the back-burner until we've settled into our new diggs. Actually, we need to find and buy a new house altogether. Once we've moved in, the party will start again and I hope you'll be back to share with me your ideas or be a little inspired by some of my own.

So hopefully, our computer will be working soon so I can show off the many projects I have completed in time for our move. I've finished the dressers and I want them seen! Also, I've refurbished the following: candlesticks, exterior lights, a toy chest, a bulletin board and two lamps and by golly this computer just HAS to get fixed already!

Monday, June 28, 2010

July, Window and Dresser Before

I couldn't believe my insane luck when I saw this window. It even has an undercoat of a robin's egg blue that I love! However, it's pretty dirty and I think I will have to start fresh. We'll see what happens. This little baby is not for sale, she's all mine =)

Below will be my first official item for sale! These dressers are what inspired me to finally delve into refinishing furniture as my hobby. I've done a few projects before but have never tried to sell anything. I've decided this piece shall be white and lightly antiqued.
I apologize that I began working before I found our camera, but you get the idea.

These are two over-sized nightstands OR two dressers OR they actually stack forming a very large dresser/chest of drawers. They are in nearly perfect condition, just some light sanding needed, other bumps will be kept to keep with the antique theme. Can't have something that doesn't look a little loved.

Stay posted to see what becomes of these!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome Welcome!

Ahhh... my very first post of what I hope will be a lasting outlet for this busy momma.
First an intro to me:
My name is Kate and really there isn't much more to me than that. I consider myself pretty low-key and relaxed. Right now life is all about my family. My husband is wonderful and so patient with me as I repeatedly take over 'his' garage. If our car is parked in the driveway, there's a project in our garage =) We have two children, "M" (almost 4 yrs.) and "A" (1 yr.). My kids keep me pretty busy as I am blessed to be an at-home-mom. But I realized that I need a hobby! Finally, it dawned on me that I should refinish and sell furniture as it's something I am obsessed with anyway. Plus, who couldn't use a little extra cash each month? This blog is dedicated to my personal projects and projects I'm selling. Hopefully it's a place for someone else to find a little inspiration. My first real post should be up tomorrow!Marek and Jo.