Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perfect Rainy Weather Soup

So here we are in 'sunny' California...minus the sunny.  It's been raining all day and it's chilly outside.  The only redeeming thing about this weather (OK, maybe not the only thing now I'm thinking about jumping in puddles & watching for rainbows...) is now I won't get the 'crazy-lady' stares for making soup in 90o weather.  Anyone else ever get this look?  I love soup and I make it all year but now it fits and therefore, I don't have to explain myself.
Apparently, I am not the only one to love soup as evidenced by this post by Centsational Girl.  Kate at CG is all-around a-MAZ-ing.  Maybe it's in the name?  Probably not, as I have yet to find my inner do-it-all-diva.  Anyways, when I saw that she had a fool-proof Chicken Tortilla Soup, I had to give it a try.  I love this soup and the results were fantastic. 

Here's the photo from her blog.  Beautiful and light.


I added a can of canellini beans to make it heartier.  One caution, do NOT over do it on spicing the chicken or you will be left with an overwhelmingly chili-esque taste.  Definitely make the chip garnish or use crushed, stale chips- it adds a lot.


- Kate

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