Monday, June 28, 2010

July, Window and Dresser Before

I couldn't believe my insane luck when I saw this window. It even has an undercoat of a robin's egg blue that I love! However, it's pretty dirty and I think I will have to start fresh. We'll see what happens. This little baby is not for sale, she's all mine =)

Below will be my first official item for sale! These dressers are what inspired me to finally delve into refinishing furniture as my hobby. I've done a few projects before but have never tried to sell anything. I've decided this piece shall be white and lightly antiqued.
I apologize that I began working before I found our camera, but you get the idea.

These are two over-sized nightstands OR two dressers OR they actually stack forming a very large dresser/chest of drawers. They are in nearly perfect condition, just some light sanding needed, other bumps will be kept to keep with the antique theme. Can't have something that doesn't look a little loved.

Stay posted to see what becomes of these!


  1. You are living my dream girl! I would love to do the same in my spare time but not until we buy a home with a garage and yard. cant wait to see the after pictures!

  2. Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my Living Room. I love your chippy old window. The bird prints are actually postcards. I was given them as a gift a little while back so I'm not too sure if the company still sells them though check out this website: They have lots of gorgeous stuff.
    Hope this helps.
    And welcome to Blogland!

  3. i can't wait to see how the dressers turn out! i love to refinish furniture...there is just something so rewarding about seeing the finished product...haven't done something in a really long i'll live vicariously through you :)


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