Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life With My 4 Year Old

For those who may not know (which is just 3 of you right now (thanks for taking a chance with my blog new friends!)), I have a four-year old son. He's an amazing kid and for the first two years of his life, I was almost certain that I had mommyhood completely under control. I got so many compliments about how well behaved he was that yes, I admit, my head was beginning to balloon. Then, the unthinkable happened- he turned 3. My sweet boy was no more. Sure, he had his moments, but by and large, it was a nightmare of a year. Most days, I was just happy to make it to bed time with everyone still living. If there was such a thing as preschool boarding school, I would have shipped him off.
He's four now and I'm happy to report that he's nearly back to his two-year-old delightfulness. Nearly.  Some days he has split personalities and sometimes those days turn into a week.  And that has been my life these last two weeks.  I was considering boarding school again.

Then, last night, we fell asleep holding hands.  

And I think I can carry on for at least another year or so.

And just so it doesn't seem that I'm playing favorites, I also have a nineteen-month little girl.  She is currently learning to be a diva.  O yes, she already knows how to throw a good ol' fashioned tantrum. Luckily, they don't happen all too often.  She does like to play dress up.  Check out this recent ensemble:

(we're ditching the binky soon, I swear)

Also, she steals my shoes.

I love them too much.


  1. you have adorable and *normal* children! beleive me, i know: i've got two older kids that still throw a tantrum or towo (jack is more on the three or four cycle though...)
    honestly a tantrum is just a child trying to express how they feel since they usually don't have the words, or the "know how" to say what they want or mean. i try to tell jack "try again. tell me how you feel. use words" or "can i guess what you're trying to tell me and you tell me if i'm right?"
    doesn't always work in every tantrum situation...but it helps them (and us adults too) leanr how to really express themselves and not just in a screach or a scream and a hitting of the floor.
    and with the paci: we finallly (when he was getting older) limited it to just his bed. the paci couldn't leave the crib. he learned VERY fast that if he wanted it, he would be put in his bed. didn't happen too many times. and then gradually the paci would disappear or we'd ask him to show a stuffed animal how to go to sleep b/c they were having a hard time...
    GOOD LUCK!!!! getting rid of that thing is challenging!

  2. You kids are too cute!

    Isn't it funny the seasons of life, the thing is as tough as some days/weeks are we like to think we would ship them off but in reality we want to be the ones raising them it's just what we were born to do. You ROCK! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

    I love love the last photo; melts my heart:)

  3. Your babies are beautiful! I never had a problem with mine...they were the best behaved children in the world until they turned TEN! Thank God for ELEVEN! cuz I was really considering giving them!


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