Monday, September 12, 2011

My Boy's Superhero Party!

Superheroes was the requested theme for my son's fifth birthday.  I mentioned that in this post.
Here's how it turned out:

The invitations:

 Instead of goodie bags, each guest took home a cape and mask.  I made the masks from elastic and felt.  My uber-helpful friend made all TWELVE capes.  

 I made the banner from comic books and double wide binding. (and by 'I,' I mean I had help again).
 We had cake and Kryptonite Cupcakes for dessert and lots of healthy options for lunch including Wonder Dogs!

 Printables available for purchase at One Charming Party.

We put on the invitations to come as your favorite Superhero.  Isn't she adorable?

I made a skyline from a table cloth, wrapping paper, construction paper and spray adhesive.  The day of the party, I taped bad guys (Magneto, Doc Oc, Catwoman, etc.) to the city and we played "Put the Bad Guy In Jail."  Just a spoof on Pin the Tail On the Donkey.

 We opened presents.

 And modeled presents.

Then we had dessert.

The kids loved the Kryptonite Cupcakes.

Here's my little girl in her brother's costume.  It was too big on him and gigantic on her.

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  1. wow, that looks so awesome! seriously, im impressed, my hat off to you. and i loved the song playing while i looked at your post. Lulu - to sir with love. classic. youre too classy Kate, love you!


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